The Tigre HAP

Hey, grinded almost everything with the French, I was just missing the helis, so I thought I would buy the Tigre HAP to help the grind and also for the fact that I like to collect vehicles.

Anyway, I got it and honestly I am a tiny bit disappointed by the ATGMs, everything else is great. I usually end up using it at very very close range (1.5/2km)

Do you have any tips on how I can use it/improve ?

(I play it at 10.0, basically my highest vehicle in the lineup with the Super Étendard and the Roland)

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You have 4.3km of range with your ATGMs, I advise staying at least 2,5km away from the fight, ideally 3,25-3,75km.
The trick is that to fire HOT-3s, you need to head down a little which means you will need to go forward.
So constantly ask yourself if you’re too close to the fight and if that’s the case, maneuver out and put some distance between you and the battlefield.
The closer you are to the battlefield, the higher your chances of dying are. Enemies can hear you starting from 2,25km so consider that your hard limit in terms of range.

HOT-3s are pretty painful to use since the missile rework. I advise learning where to aim on the vehicles you encounter the most thanks to the damage simulator thingy in your hangar. HOT-3s are definitely the most underwhelming part of this helicopter.

If you do a critical damage on an enemy with a HOT-3, I advise against using another HOT-3 against that same guy : change targets. Wasting 2 out of your 8 missiles on a same enemy isn’t great + the guy could survive once again (because his crew changed seat in the vehicle for instance).
x8 critical hits are worth more than x4 kills.

Rockets are trash, don’t use them.

They’re still buggy but Mistrals are pretty good at that BR since you will be mostly facing Su-25s.

Use your maneuverability to dodge SAMs. ALWAYS use trees and moutains as cover. Relocate every 2-3 kills.

I said the HOT-3s are the most underwhelming part of the Tiger HAP earlier, but the 30mm cannon is not so far. It’s WORTHLESS against ground vehicles, don’t even bother. It’s pretty bad against helicopters (unless they’re very close to you). Its only usage is against jets and even then, it’s not great. Your best tool against jets are Mistrals, your 30mm is only to be used in last resort. If you’re out of Mistrals with only your 30mm left against a jet, you will often kill the jet but the jet will also kill you.

With all that in mind you should be fine 😎

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