The Ta152 c-3 is the saddest prop in the game

The ta-152 C3 is probably the worstly BR’d plane in the game, and one of the most brutally nerfed aircraft. To add more salt to the wound: it’s more fragile than a zero. A single 50 cal from 1km away is enough to not critically damage it, not even causing a fire, but straight up blow you up. Yes the plane is somewhat fast and has a good engine, but you can’t really rely on energy trapping everyone since your enemies are always p51h’s and these, these are “ENERGY” themselves.

It’s guns are… okay i guess? IDK, I keep getting simple hits on american planes, missing stalled enemies because the mg151’s travel at 600 something (for minengeschoss since they have rounder tips)

this thing’s lowest enemies absolutely outperform it in every metric. I’d put this plane at 4.3 on it’s current state at best, regardless “how much gun”, mg151s are not compatible with jet combat or super props alone, especially american ones that will tank a 30mm to the face and keep flying fine.

The Ta 152C-3 is mainly an aircraft specifically for boom + zooming and head-on attacks with its forward heavy armament combo while the Ta 152H-1 is far better suited for dogfights and turnfighting other props.

4.3 is a ridiculously low BR for the Ta 152C-3, 5.7 or 6.0 would be more sensible.
I’d say it doesn’t seem too good nowadays mainly because it’s a victim of BR compression with Korean War jets and allied late props.

It can still be a powerful aircraft that be can used effectively with a different playstyle as aforementioned above.

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thats nice, i cant wait for them to remove planes from the game

6.0 maybe but def not 4.3 lol, a C3 pilot with half a brain would do pretty well, arguably 1 of the best prop. Try the J7W1, G.56 and Re.2005 then go cry about your sad German plane. Also the C3 shred in GRB with the Mk103 and 4x 20mm.

Another one of Mantis cope post

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one of the best prop? My guy, the dora out climbs it even without air spawn 😂

@Sir_Rebral_Palsy the c3 is not a great boom and zoom aircraft because it’s high speed handling is atrocious. It’s a suicidal trader and nothing more else. It’s a third party machine.

I just came from a 7 kill match.