The T18B-57 is a God tier interceptor

It gets a 57mm Akan m/47 autocannon with HE-I and a high fire-rate + the standard T18B armament of 2 20mm Akan m/41s and a offensive single 13.2mm Akan m/39 and a defensive 13.2mm Akan m/39 that rips and tears most aircraft apart.

So i spawn see and heavy bomber gaining altitude and go after them. when I’m about 1.5km away i hold the trigger for the 57mm Akan and pull away. then hear the ding. and look back and see that the Bomber has been turned to powder. Then i target the next bomber. If there is none i gain altitude and support my team. and pick of any bf-109 or P38 lightning, trying to gain altitude.


You write about a post-war strike aircraft (derived from a tactical bomber) with a therefore unjustified bomber air spawn (max bombload is 8 x 50 kg at BR 4.3 in RB) and use it vs real WW2 bombers - and you feel the need to praise this imbalance?

Without the medium bomber spawn at 3.500 meter alt - so with a strike aircraft spawn like the ground attack version of the B-25, the PBJ - the plane is nothing special. The fantastic flight and turn performance of the B-18B is strongly reduced thanks to the higher weight.

The missing dive brakes and the missing dorsal defensive gunner (no need for the ground attackers T-18B and T-18B 57mm) makes it a rather easy target for every experienced pilot. I love the B-18B, but this plane is imho just wrongly classified…


Yep, its designated in swedish service as a bomber, hence why its the way it is in WT, the B17B is a bomber, all B18Bs were bombers. so ye.

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Cope, seethe, and choke on my 57mm autocannon