The T-72s commander view issue

Hi all,

I believe this issue has already been brought to attention by anyone that knows a minimum of this MBT.

The cupola, as we can all see, is rotatory, but the problem is, the NSVT machinegun is mounted backwards. This means that, in order for the commander to view at 12 o’clock in-game, the machinegun should be aimed backwards.

This does not happen however, since somehow it seems the NSVT is remote controlled and the commander view is alligned with the machinegun optic, even though the commander’s viewport is looking at the complete opposite way the machinegun is.

If this was fixed, it’d also make that little advantage some soviet MBTs had more palpable, which was the machinegun and commander viewport looking at the same direction (seen on T-64s and T-80s).

(P.D: I’m a larper and I just can’t resist to aim the machinegun backwards trying to look as realistic as possible).

It just simply uses game logic it uses at any other tank, ignoring special case with T-72 series.
Also T-90s dont have that problem, since they adopted remote controlled MG style like on T-64.

On tanks without the remote operation it looks that way because the operator is not modelled (on most tanks).
Both the TC’s weapons station and hatch/sight traverse independently, but the MG can’t be used with the hatch in the way and vice versa. I think IRL on T-72s and T-72As , they can’t even be traversed 360 because the IR spotlight is in the way.
It would be quite detrimental to game play if the MG didn’t follow the aiming circle and you had to enable it and bring it to bear. Russian Mains would not be pleased and Gaijin can’t have that.

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