The Swedish Lvakan 48, still has the same ammunition as Lvakan 36!

Listen up, “War Thunder” enthusiasts!
Italy’s Leopard 40/48, with the mighty Bofors L70 turret, is ready to roll into action. But hold on to your helmets because there’s a twist: Lvakan m/48, sharing the same Bofors L70, is still packing the Lvakan m/36’s ammunition. It’s like a blast from the past!

We’ve done our homework, reported the issue to Gaijin Entertainment with plenty of evidence, and yet, silence echoes in response. The Lvkv 42 and the “VEAK 40,” both caught in the crossfire, are in desperate need of an upgrade. With the correct ammunition (muzzle velocity: 1005 m/s), they could be game-changers against aircraft. But they’re stuck with the L/60 ammo at a sluggish 850 m/s.

So here’s the mission: Let’s rally for historical accuracy and fairness in “War Thunder.” Gaijin Entertainment, we’re calling on you to make this right and unleash a new era of authenticity and balance in the game!
Edit: “Also here is some pictures of the L70 or Akan 48!”

L70 or Lvakan 48, gunner seat
L70 or Lvakan 48, rear
L70 or Lvakan 48, side right close-up
L70 or Lvakan 48, side
L70 or Lvakan 48

Here is the Issue page:

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Forwarded, but only for the VEAK 40 as we have an existing report for the Lvkv 42.

Also next time don’t include as much fluff and begging the devs. I just have to clean out of that to make it readable. There was so much extra needless text in your report.

Stuff like “These designations hold weight and honor within the annals of Swedish military history.” is pointless to include and just makes the report a mess to deal with.

Your issue should follow this format;

What is the problem and why is it a problem.
Picture/Videos showing the issue.

Affected Vehicles
What vehicles is it impacting

Steps to reproduce
Steps needed to reproduce the issue so the devs can see for themselves.

Your justifications for the issue being changed (where applicable).


well thank you for this anyway will use format

Swedish 40 L/70 has apds, I think we can make a suggestion on that.

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Yes please make my veak more powerfull