The Super Mirage 4000 should have FOX 3 missiles

As shown in those pictures you can clearly see Mica-EM and IR circled in red I also added a picture of the tips + one on a Rafale so you can clearly see the shape of the missile is the same, in the last image you can see “advanced missiles” witch are Mica missiles planned for the Mirage 4000.
We are tired of griding top tier planes that become obsolete after a major update + the M4K has better performances than the Mirage 2000-5F so why you want to screw that much the French nation ??
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The site that cutaway image comes from is no where close to a reliable source.

The Mica was in the fairly early development stages by the time the 4000 was cancelled, it’s highly unlikely that the Mirage 4000 was being planned to use the Mica, nor would there really be any documents saying there was such a plan. Even getting the 530D was a stretch since the 530D entered service after the 4000 was already cancelled, it was just far enough in development with enough evidence to back up the potential of using it, that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

It’s sad I know, I love the Mirage series as well, but that’s just how it is. The 2000 would still be better in the end anyways even if the 4000 got Mica’s.

As for this, that’s just how evolution of technology works. It doesn’t matter what gets added, there will always be something at least slightly better the next update.


There’s multiple reports that exists that would improve the Magic 2, they certainly can implement those reports to keep the Mirage 4000 relevant.

last flight of the 4000 was in 1988 and the mica developpement started in 1982 so they could implant it …

No it should not.
Mirage 4000 is the best 12.7 in the game, it doesn’t need to be brought up with missiles that were only proposed.
It’s a completed prototype so there’s no reason to add things it didn’t have.

The 4000’s sole prototype had also taken it’s first flight in 1979, and there weren’t really many major modifications made between it’s first and last flight.

The FCS of the 4000 was similar to the Mirage 2000-CS3 with some slight improvements such as the radar being an improved RDM that could fire the 530D. It doesn’t even get the RDI that was first introduced on the CS4 much less the RDY featured on the 2000-5. It’s not a matter of development overlapping, it’s a matter of capability, and even in a theoretical sense the 4000 doesn’t have the capability to use Mica’s, it just didn’t receive the electronics that would’ve been needed to use the Mica.

Sure, there could’ve been a potential plan that was thought up to improve the 4000 to the most modern standards to include the Mica, but seeing as that never happened, it won’t ever get Mica’s in WT.


maybe it’s the best 12.7 in the game but you can’t to anything against 13.0 when they fire 6 or 8 fox 3 at the team, even flying low doesn’t help


Fox 3s aren’t as powerful as your post is implying.

have you played a 13.0 match to say that ? because it seems otherwise

Yes, most ARHs miss me.

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Wrong,… that what was planned if the aircraft got further development,… which was not the case.

the Mirage 4000 NEVER got those mounted on the aircraft, and thus Gaijin never will allowed them

“Somebody drew a picture that says this plane can carry these missiles” isn’t a great argument.

Yak141 says hello its me


Yak-141 is an uncompleted prototype, thus a false equivalence fallacy.
Prove that Kikka was completed.

Yak-141 have photos with Mounted missile on board.
MIRAGE 4000 never had one.

Completed enough to fly.

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Oh look, no guns.
However, Mirage 4000 was completed, and it was shown off in a completed state with functioning weapon systems, unlike the Kikka, and obviously the Yak-141 and 12+ other vehicles that use the Kikka and Ho-229 standard.

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They also never mounted either bomb, but nobody is denying it could fit them.

The Kikka was completed, which is what you asked.

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The Swift F.7 also never had guns fitted IRL
Gaijin added them because it still retained the space and mountings to fit the. SAme goes for flares on the F5C.

Many aircraft have weapons or ordnance added on the premise that although they were never actually used, they could be fitted.

At the same time, there are a lot of aircraft which are missing weapons and ordnance despite having used them IRL.

We are at the mercy of whatever gaijin wants for the sake of “balance” or whatever. There is no consistency.


Thanks for proving there is no inconsistency, and Gaijin is consistent.

Mirage 4000 is fine without entirely fictional weapons.

I don’t understand why people want it to be a higher BR than Rafale.