The sub top-level environment of Soviet vehicles should be changed

as we know,Since the last weight change, the rb of the T72av has increased, while the m1a1, ipm1, 99 tanks, etc. have remained unchanged, which has forced the T72, which is generally weaker than theirs except for the sight, to be slaughtered in most battles. At the same time, due to the disappearance of night battles and the weakening of armor a long time ago, the rb of 8.7 and above are likely to pose a fatal threat to the T72av. At the same time, the vt of 2S38 has been weakened, and the ammunition size has been restored. Therefore, I think the weight of t72 and 2s38 should be reduced。Or adopt other strengthening measures to maintain balance

Bro the T72AV Turms was absolutly destroying the 9.7-8.7 br range before due to the fact that it couldnt face as many things that could just point and click it. While something like the first Abrams is 10.3 it cant easily front pen the T72AV while it can pretty much click on any vehicle in the the br range it sits.

And with the 2S38 if they were to make it what it was supposed to be then they should change its designation to an SPAA and along with that limit the amount of APFSDS it can bring like how they did with the Otomatic

But let me get this straight you want the now 10.0 soviet premium lineup to go back to where it can just destroy everything. Also the 3BM42 is more than enough to fight in its new br range and the sights are either gen 2 or 3 thermals while most things get gen 1


Dude’s getting UFP lolpenned by Leopard 2A4s I bet.

oh yeah the 2A4 can actually go through though

Oh look, another IvanBoo complaining that his Bias-code assisted vehicles aren’t entirely impossible to kill.

The gall of these people.


I mean, at least he tacitly acknowledges that Top tier is already heavily favors Russia.

But yeh… asking for those vehicles to be reduced in BR (especially the 2S38, LMFAO) is comical.

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yeah he kinda did that

It’d be like asking for M1A2 or Strv 122A to be lowered in BR.

something that i do actually agree with they are both slightly worse versions of the best variants of said vehicle