The Spitfire mk24 at 6.7 is still rancid garbage (Corsair fodder)

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I disagree with you. The spitfire MK 24 has an insane climb rate and amazing vertical manoeuvrability not to mention at medium speed it’s a fantastic turn fighter.
To further support my argument the planes you listed as better such as the Corsair and yak 3U have extremely exploitable weaknesses such as the spit out climbing and being a better turn fighter than the Corsair not to mention better handling at high speed where the Corsair’s lock up significantly, and for the yak 3U the spit boasts a better high altitude performance and dive speed aswell as energy retention.
The Spitfire MK 24 is amazing when played right and making your opponent take more risks than they need to

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once again, i’ve faced them consistently whenever i hop into a 5.7-6.7 aircraft and never had an issue with them. It’s just a heavy spitfire with better high speed handling, just like a p47. Yes the spitfire climbs amazingly, but it overheats much earlier than most stuff and MEC does nothing but make you draggier. It actually is not that the spitfire is great by any means, it’s that the majority of 5.7-6.7 is overtiered trash that lies there because they have big guns or they have been pumped up because only great players use them, such as re2005 and la9.

Does it though?

6.0 Hornet Mk III: 25.9 m/s
5.7 Spitfire LF Mk IX: 25.5 m/s
5.3 P-38K: 25.1 m/s
4.7 J2M2: 24.0 m/s
6.3 P-51H-5: 23.8 m/s
6.7 Spitfire Mk 24: 23.7 m/s
5.7 BF 109K-4: 23.6 m/s
2.7 CW-21: 23.5 m/s
4.3 VL Pyörremyrsky: 23.4 m/s

Quite a few aircraft at significantly lower BR’s have equal or even superior climb rates.

You sure that’s correct? The wiki says it’s 28.3 m/s. Although I don’t have the Mk 24, just adding the explicit modification upgrade values to the base value gets me 25.6 /s.

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The climb rate may not be the best in the game but it still beat a lot of planes it faces and it has different strengths other than just a climb rate

Stat cards are filled with complete nonsense, that’s why I make my own data based on actual in-game, factual test results.