The sound of gunfire in the new version is unrecognizable

Various sound effects in the new version are too low, especially the sound effects of land gunners, which do not sound like gunshots. You need to improve them. In addition, after the last update of the previous version, there was a bug with drastic fluctuations in frame rate that needs you to fix.

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After entering the land battle historical battle, I couldn’t hear any gunfire from the other side. Even though he was only 50 meters away from me, and my gun sound options were maxed out, I still couldn’t hear the other side’s gunfire clearly. I need you to improve it.

Regarding the game frame drop problem, the bug appeared after the last update of the previous version. When I loaded the game after the update, I found that the frame rate in the game was not stable and would fluctuate violently and frequently, especially in the first minute after entering combat. I need you to fix the bug