The sound is still not correct

The update today addressed the recent sound mix issue.
However after doing a match since - the sound issue is still not properly resolved.
There is still a lack of accurate directional sound and over-saturation of sounds.
Additionally - the low range sound is muffled (artillery for example) and long distance explosions.
It seems like certain effects have gain priority over others and incorrectly so.

Personally this REALLY affects my gameplay and prevents me from enjoying ground battles.
Please revise the sound again. It is still not right.

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Gaijin will never fix the sound or the disappearing rounds and still no fix on the hit indicator.

in fact they often do.

In a decade you mean!

no, i mean i recall a few years ago a major audio overhaul, which was great.
Then after various patches sometimes the sound goes a bit wonky.
But they do fix it.
Then after another few updates the sound gets a bit wonky again.
Then they fix it.
They will fix it, its not as bad as it was a week ago.
There are still minor issues that need to be fixed and through past experience - they will.

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Maybe while they are doing that, they’ll fix the hit indicator and rounds disappearing or the laser rangefinder being way off! I guess I can dream can’t I!πŸ˜‚