The Skink and other Canadian vehicles' future placements

So i’ve been thinking lately regarding Canadian vehicles since im Canadian and I love the already current representation of Canada ingame, but the main issue is when it comes to placing Canada into a nation.
I’m perfectly content with the Skink being provided to Britain and the US didnt need it due to having other options among other things (i’ll get into that if things happen to go that way).
I did some research and realized that a vehicle should only be added if the countries were close, the nation actually ordered said vehicle, or there’s an absolute need for something (last resort).
Anyways, I want to see how people on the forums want Gaijin to handle Canada when it comes to future vehicles, personally I prefer seeing Canada being added to Britain and Germany (Leopards).
(First time creating a topic so my apologies if I didnt do anything correctly)

Me, I want them together. Not ripped apart between the 3(5) tech-trees they are currently.

An independent tech tree would be preferable. With an Australia/ANZAC sub-tree if needs be(but that’s the worst-case scenario for the ANZACs). If not all to the UK would be the best.

To tell the truth, I don’t want to see any more Canadian stuff(despite wanting them) come to the game if the status quo continues. Things like the Canadian Leos can just not come to the game if it continues being ripped between the US, UK and Germany.

As a Canadian, I want to make a Canadian line-up not be a 1DL in every tech tree but that’s my only option. The Leos don’t serve with anything in the German TT, the ADATS doesn’t with anything in the UK tree, etc.


Australia, Canada, and other Commonwealth nations are already present in the british tech tree as researchables, so it would probably be easier to just expand upon them there

That won’t be the case UK got ZA as a sub-tree. And there is a 5-line limit.

they moved away from Australia being a UK thing with the Abrams.

and Canadians exist in 3 tech-trees with a flag and 5 with Canadian built. to top it off the UK didn’t even get the first Canadian thing in the game in either way.

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And ZA took away UK’s domestic light for the longest time.

the UK is a major in tech development. making them a “commonwealth tree” will do far more harm the good.

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There are Australian researchable vehicles in the tt already.

Also the 5 line limit can change if the developers wish to do so.

I can agree with the M1A1 AIMs placement, although the Indian T-90 should’ve been in the RU tree.

Once again. agree with the Aim place meant means what you say won’t be possible.

As the dominions use a lot of other nation’s tech and will be ripped apart across multiple TTs. Wait I just said I didn’t want.

and putting them in the UK takes away its domestic stuff. the Fox has countless brothers missing.

Both a “Commonwealth tree” and making the UK one is a bad idea and harms both.

  1. the commonwealth is made out a 56 nations. they Gaijin can take C&P from and will. never adding the unique stuff.

  2. the UK is a major in real life and the sub-tree did more harm them good.

Right well that’s not going to change anytime soon. as the Devs said no to said change.

@Morvran @Mytho-GR1

You two can explain the sub-tree/ harm doing by trying to make the UK a “commonwealth-tree”.

and the problems ZA’s sub-tree cased.

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Damn dude, i get it, you disagree with my opinion, but you don’t need your buddys to slander me.

I wasn’t asking them to slander. They just know of the problems I was to explain and asking them to explain it better.

I have second-hand info well they have first with the problems the UK has.

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Ideally every nation on the planet should be a sort of sub-tree, in that they should all be 100% tied to one specific main tree. Canada should be in Britain, naturally.

The main reason for this is being able to build national lineups, which is a massively important appeal factor to all us who live in nations that aren’t one of the ten main trees. It would also allow for a greater diversity of vehicles within each tree, creating more lineup options and effectively reducing the grind by allowing faster access to a wider variety of vehicles.

I would have actually started player high/top-tier if I could play Canadian lineups, but instead our stuff is and will be broken up across different trees, fighting against themselves instead. So I won’t bother.

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Here before the “5 lines only” argument

(Edit; forgot that already happened)

(Which the devs could change if they wanted to)

Slander no

If their is a whole commonwealth tree its too broad and just be 1/3 the world tree

What UK needs if their isn’t Australian new Zealand and Canadian tree is to put those nations in the UK and no more

ZA isn’t properly in the tree and can’t provide any ground past 10.0 and has taken up a line where we could of had plenty of domestic light vechiles


I became busy so haven’t been able to look in here.
But the biggest issue I have when it comes to Canada is how much the US mains complain.
Their logic is “It’s ours because it’s similar to a Sherman”. So if going by that logic, then the US needs the Firefly? But then again the US never used the Firefly.
Same applies for the Skink, Britain asked to test one while the US didn’t ask.
Both the Firefly and Skink are similar to Shermans, but the US never used or asked to test out either tank.
The US has numerous other options for SPAA and tanks.

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