The "Silent Killer" Missile - MBDA MICA - Performance and Discussion Thread (WIP)

Is that graph from MBDA on the MICA NG?

No it didn’t found anything on this yet, the graph is from a chinese study about dual thrust rocket instead of single thrust , it’s just for illustration purposes.

It is likely that because the Super 530F/D have a gimbal angle of 55± before and after launch, that the MICA EM likely also has those limits at the very minimum. Source 49: Cyrano IV manual for the gimbal limitations.

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The old thread about the MICA has been sucefully deleted.
All information and discution about the MICA is now here

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Hopefully it doesn’t take too long for MICA EM to come so this thread can become alive again.


We have now found video proof of the MICA missile lofting.

The video is hosted by the French Air Force, and was published in 2014, before the Meteor missile had arrived. Meaning only MICA missiles was on Rafales.


Nice, also at 8:19 the pilot or copilot said something about selecting MICA EM


Missing MICA EM report. This report is just to get ahead of the curve and prevent them from modeling the missile inaccurately.


Very accurate report but i have a quick question tho don’t you fear the mods can close the issue without even giving a look at it because the report is kind of too early which won’t prevent the team from making an absolute dogshit of the missile ?

Regarding the missile range just for personnal info at which point/altitude the 80 km range can be achieved with the missile when used in air air? Also, as you said the missile has 20km of range when launched from ground i wondered if this range is different when air launched

I wouldn’t have made the report if I didn’t have the blessing of a Tech mod before-hand. I got permission to do it about a month ago or so.

leme guess his name is gunmod or smth

How does this figure? Amraam has a max speed of Mach 4 but its DV is much lower than 1000. Unless mass is taken into account?

AIM-120A deltaV is ~900 or so, however later models may very well exceed 1000.
Most performance metrics for the AIM-120 seem to apply to later iterations such as launch weight and top speed. It did have pre-planned product improvements as well.

Point still stands, not sure how a DV of 900 → M4, but a speed of M3 → a DV of 1000

If you’re talking about Gunjob, then no. You’ll have to see for yourself later if you revisit the report in a few days ))))

Drag of the missile is something to consider, we know the AIM-120A cannot achieve a speed of mach 4 from launch according to primary sources on the burn time, thrust, etc. It’s simply not feasible. If you incorporate drag on top of that, it isn’t as fast as claimed. The later iterations such as AIM-120C-5 most certainly could reach higher top speeds under certain conditions… launch speed is something to consider as well.

Given MBDA give a value of 750 for a missile designed to cover SRAAM and MRAAM I think that’s realistic.

i didn’t searched too much in the last source but is there one of your sources that speak about the range of 80km the MICA is supposed to be able to cover when air launched or you are still working on material to add to the report? Or this range is just fake? or is there just no official source to support this info which may be the case lol


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