The "Silent Killer" Missile - MBDA MICA - Performance and Discussion Thread (WIP)

I would assume when tracking and guiding against multiple targets that could be heading in different direction, either facing away or near notching, MPRF could be preferable?

Maybe? Though that wouldnt make any sense for something like the AIM-120 which is known to be able to switch between HPRF and MPRF, as it should only be focusing on 1 target.

RDY and APG-68 are extremely similar. It’s said that the RDY focuses and priortizes on the targets that are the most threatening ones and these are targets closer in range than the ones further, so makes sense that the MPRF is prioritized.

It’s that. Good mprf radars have no blind speeds because they interleave multiple prf scans sonthat the combination of ranges and velocities is unambiguous.


MICA EM 180 degree test:


Guys keep in mind that user mission is not altered by servers, on random matechs (AB, RB, SIM) missiles are altered by the server state and are worse (wobbling mainly).

Same test but in tacview recorded:

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MICA EM should have increased maximum range (should not self explode at 50km)





Did you change the user model, either im going insane or thats a Rafale and not an M2K.

Looks cool though

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user mission yeah


As Macekeeks said, it’s a Rafale custom model with the current MICA EM to test it out.

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Some more MICA EM testing
MICA EM should have a guidance delay of less than 0.3 seconds (0.2 seconds is what’s recommended in the report)


Some rare photos obtained from a museum. These were pictures delivered to the museum from when Matra still existed.


From the pictures of the MICA flying, we can clearly see the absurdly small turning circle of the missile as well

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List of acknowledged reports so far on the MICA EM:

  1. MICA EM is missing proportional navigation laws // // Issues

  2. MICA EM should have a guidance delay of less than 0.2 seconds. // // Issues

  3. MICA EM seeker should have a 28% higher seeker range // // Issues

  4. MICA EM should be 160mm diameter and not 165mm. // // Issues

  5. MICA EM missile should have increased maximum range // // Issues

  6. MICA EM should have a directional splinter warhead. // // Issues

  7. MICA EM should have purple flames // // Issues

  8. MICA EM is too unstable // // Issues

  9. MICA EM should have reduced smoke // // Issues

  10. MICA-EM spins out when launched at low speed // // Issues

  11. MICA-EM wrong seeker radar band // // Issues

  12. MICA-EM should have a beamwidth of 7.0 degrees instead of 15.0 degrees // // Issues


Magic 2 round 2


Maybe they can get around to buffing Magic 2 now that all radar missiles got reduced multipath…