The "Silent Killer" Missile - MBDA MICA - Performance and Discussion Thread (WIP)

It’s true that gajin can’t add medium-range active radar homing BVRAAM on all fighter aircraft at rank 8 this year

I guess dev could add active radar homing BVRAAM on 6 or 7 aircraft

Still as they semi certify that PL12 which is an AMRAAM C equivalent approximately is gonna be China’s first Fox 3 along other nations mean the only nation that are going to be left without Fox 3s as they would lack a platform would be Japan and maybe Germany as F4 ICE would be kind of dogcrap all other nations have a comparable missile to PL12 and a Okay-ish platform to launch it from.

I don’t think PL-12 is comparable to AIM-120C-5. Essentially just an R-77 in the body of something that can fit the earlier Chinese aircraft mounting points (they used PL-11)…

They obviously modify a lot, really they only share the seeker… But the performance of the two isn’t far off imo.

In short, expect it to be a bit worse than AIM-120C-5… But we will see.

What i just want by using that example is to reasure myself with the possibility that France will get a Fox3 if they come this december otherwise i’m gonnaa cry in a corner except if Mirage IV is added it’ll be funny vehicle

For some reason, Smin has denied MICA… Devs have plans for it. I suppose it’s best to level with the fact it’s not coming.

He hasn’t really denied them imo he just plays with words like litterally when he says “MICA is too strong” this statement could change in the blink of an eye depending on what the game becomes with the next major update. When he says MICA is too strong for the current game its like when he says “Typhoon or AMRAAM is too powerful for the game” this can changes anytime depending of how the game evolves so we’ll see.

and no one is surprised

I’ve always figured the 21UPG with R-77 variants would find its way in as a premium eventually

The problem is that I’d never really care to grind another Russian plane again if we got a 21-93 or UPG. Not unless we got one of the funny motorjets.