The Shooting Range #411

You are watching The Shooting Range – a weekly show for all tankers, airmen and Captains in War Thunder.

In this episode:

  • Pages of History: Paving the Way for the Bradley
  • Tactics & Strategy: New Missiles
  • And Metal Beasts: Top Belgian Fighter

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While I don’t watch these videos often I appreciate the extra effort put into this.

Unique Belgian Pylons

So the F-16C isn’t getting them?

“launching all of them at the same time at the start, land, reload and repeat.”
i thought you would only be able to guide 2 or 4 at the same time depending on vehicle and radar capabilities? would you mind clarifying?

You can launch them, they just wont be getting corrections over DL.

wont they then self destruct?
no target, no DL and no idea on what to do?
Or will they just fly towards last known trajectory and hope for Pitbull?

This probably. Because INS/IOG

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