The Shooting Range #387

Hello, friends! The New Year is coming in just a few hours, and this means you’re watching this year’s last episode of The Shooting Range. Although, some of you must’ve met 2024 already! In any case, it’s time to remember what 2023 was like in War Thunder. Make yourselves comfortable...

In this episode...

  • Technologies and new mechanics
  • A sightseeing tour
  • But first... The most iconic Metal Beasts.

Don't forget - you can now activate video subtitles for the seven languages


@Stona_WT Happy new year to everyone at Gaijin.
Have a small question will we get “player summary” like we used to have where it showed all the matches played last year, most kill match…etc?
It was nice to share and watch how last year in WT went with friends from WT.

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