The Shooting Range #363

In this episode…

  • Pages of History: Take a Skyhawk For a Ride
  • Arsenal: Frogfoot’s Hunting Gear
  • And Metal Beasts: Unconventional Ground Object

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I am a fan of the Su-39, as a very ambitious and good concept that was unlucky to be born during the USSR collapse and crisis.

The Su-39 seen in the game disappointed me in many ways, because the Su-39 was conceived in the technical specification as an all-weather attack aircraft capable of performing a wide range of missions, including defense against enemy aircraft.

To solve the problem of operating in difficult weather conditions, the Khod thermal imager and (8 millimeter wavelength) MMW radar Kinzhal were developed. Both systems were tested in 1991 on the T8-TM1 and T8-TM2 aircraft. However, due to the collapse of the sssr and financial difficulties, they were not mass produced.

For some reason both systems are absent in WT, although we love the game for the fact that we can use weapons that in life existed in the form of prototypes or small series. The Su-39 ended up with a hideous Mercury night system that sees absolutely nothing, instead of a thermal imager.

The same question about the Kopye-25 radar. It is a modified radar from the MiG-21-93, which was modified to work on ground targets (when the projects of thermal imager and MMW radars were closed), but Kopye-25 allowed to use R-27R and even more advanced missiles. None are present in the game, however.

As a result, we have Su-25T with a toy in the form of a radar, because there is absolutely nothing to aim with it. It’s like a tank with a scope but no gun.

I’m really looking forward to seeing these systems and missiles in the SU-39