The servers are worse than ever

I have been kicked out of matches a lot today, constantly get random ping or packet loss spikes which usually get me killed, and the game is having issues even with 0% packet loss and 80 ping. Earlier I was in a match with 0% packet loss and 100 ping and an enemy IS-3 started teleporting everywhere on my screen. He could not take damage at all from me and he killed me from behind yet he was in front of me on my screen. He shows up as fine in the replay but still how can he just be like that when I have no packet loss and my ping is only 100?! Fix the servers please.


Yeah it was bad today. Had to just turn it off.

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You would think playing war thunder wouldn’t cause issues with an Xbox party chat, it does. When the server lags, in my experience it usually disconnects the Xbox party chat and then the server connection stabilizes a bit before it messes up again.

P.S. this may be unrelated but the whole cross play off glitch is still occurring alongside the “failed to join squad chat” messages spam. Please fix it as well if possible.

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Will you ever get these hecking servers running better? Every 2nd naval-battle all runs fine and suddenly back in hangar. It´s annoying as hell!


All day today as well. Last update was fubar.

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Ping spikes and packet losses are worse than ever now. I won’t play much until those problem are fixed. Waist of time when other tanks are flying and teleporting and my tank spins around every now and then. Extremely annoying.


People say my internet is bad. Gaijin servers are actually worse and that is saying something considering I am stuck with AT&Ts DSL which is actually about 1/6th the speed of what is legally considered DSL. If the person with bad internet is saying gaijin’s servers are horrible you should know there is an issue. The sad part is that I can run most other games perfectly fine with very few connection issues and then the moment I boot up war thunder I can get disconnected at any time.

Naval has had bad servers for quite a while now. It has been that way since gaijin’s servers got attacked last year if not even before that.

I have exactly the same issues: the game says connection to the server unabailable and then kicks me out. The moment I am kicked out I can join any other WT session: air, ground, naval. At no time my internet connection actually disconnects: this is 21st and I am on a 99.99999999% reliable broadband that downloads any movie from Amazon in under 3 minutes. C’mon Gaijin, fix it already.

Whilst you all may share the symptoms, it’s got a higher chance that it’s your connection, and the route to the servers, than the servers themselves.

And whilst you’ll have people echo your assumptions that it is the servers, it’s again, higher chance that it’s your connection, compared to the servers themselves.

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It would be assumed it could be my connection considering it was as some say “worse than McDonald’s Wi-Fi”, however considering i was able to rejoin a few and saw that everyone on both teams got disconnected, it is not my internet since all the other players were disconnected and I find it highly unlikely that all of them had a bad internet connection.

When you do get booted, fully close the client and reopen it… Sometimes you end up prompted to get back in the match.

And with this ‘multiple people from my match were affected’ you also share routes that others use to those servers, and whilst you may have been affected, it may not have actually, fully, have been the server.

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In case of connection issues, it’s best to contact Gaijin Support and ask for additional guidance here. This section is “Community” Technical Support :)
They can give more information, whether it’s your connection or War Thunder servers.