The Sea Harrier Problem

The Sea Harrier FRS.1 shouldn’t be split between the early model in TT and the standard model as a Squadron vehicle, as it makes it appear like lazy copy-paste that adds little to the UK tree. Fortunately, there’s a very easy solution to this problem, and its to simply change the TT model to the “standard” FRS.1, and make the squadron variant the FRS Mk.51, the variant of the Sea Harrier exported to India. It would be near identical to the FRS.1 save for the use of two Magic-2 missiles in place of the four AIM-9L. This also helps bring about an additional, actually unique variant of the Sea Harrier that a) flew with different kit b) under a different flag, which is what you’d expect from premiums/squadron vehicles (ie like the Syrian Su-22 in the USSR tree). The Indian Sea Harriers were even eventually upgraded with the EL/M-2032 radar, Python-4 and Derby missiles, which could make for another Sea Harrier variant in the future on par with the AMRAAM carrying FA.2.

Indian Sea Harrier Mk.51 in original configuration

"Late" Sea Harrier Mk.51 with Python-4 and Derby missiles


I’m inclined to agree, reminds me of how we got the Squadron T-90A when the vastly superior options would have been the Challenger Falcon or EE-T1 Osorio.
Just lazy copy and pasting really that’s not at all necessary.


If they changed the CV-90105 then I’m inclined to agree.


We have a Shar thread already.

It was one of the great mistakes Gaijin has made over the past year with Britain. The FRS1e’s entire purpose for being was a bodge to fix that mistake. FRS1 should never have been an SQV, its not only iconic but fundamentally important aircraft to Britains air to air line up.

I doubt they’ll ever change it for the 51. Just not something they’ll ever do. But I really fear we’ll get the 51 instead of the FA2 soon.

It’s the same thing with the F-4S and A-6E. Both should have been TT.

If I could make a recommendation to the devs, it would be to rename the premiums to a specific pilot or squadron (like a lot of the older prop premiums), and implement the same vehicle with a different paint scheme into the TT. It’s copy paste but it bridges the issue.


Yeah, Sea-Vixen too. Its a shame when important/iconic vehicles are locked behind a pay wall/annoyingly long grind.

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