The SAV 20.12.48 and a Decal are Available for Swedish National Security Forces Day!

In RB? Nothing.

AB has the Pvkv m/43 (1963), but between 4.0 and 5.0 in RB there is zilch.

Theres way more 4.0 then 4.7 so 4.3 would be best since 4.0 is still very strong. Tbf i can bring m22 up to 11.7 and still get 3+ kills but my skill doesmt mean anything when talking majority and differing play style

They wouldnt do that, because it has no lineup at 4.3- especially since its a premium. Its similar to the VIDAR and why they wont put it at 8.3, only 8.0 or 8.7. It should go to 4.0, same with the Sherman III/IV.

Honestly expected as soon as mass SAV’s were coming into rb, that kv-1e’s would soon follow to eat shells and annihilate people who just bought and are learning the vehicle.Needless to say I was correct.

The Sherman also has armor. The SAV will die to a .50 cal in a matter of seconds

It has 30mm of sloped front armor I think so that might not be a guarantee, and .50s are an advantage only the US gets who sometimes seem to forget just what a crazy advantage they have with it over everyone else.

Fair enough. If a .50 cal won’t kill it, and APHE or HE will nuke it.


Did something happened, or why is it no longer available?, its supposed to end in June 12, not June 5

Should be visible in Holidays tab.

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