The Sagittario 2 shouldn't be moving to 9.3

The Sagittario 2, a subsonic fighter with alright acceleration is going to be moved to 9.3 if the upcoming BR changes are set to come to the game in their current form. It makes absolutely no sense for the Sagittario 2 to be at the same BR as the Ariete, it’s direct upgrade. The Sagittario 2 already felt over-tiered at 9.0 and putting it at 9.3 is only going to make it more frustrating to play. This puts the Sagittario 2 in the same BR range as the F-5C, MiG-21SMT, and F-8E.
Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like a kick in the shin to Italian players.

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The treatment that good turn fighters get in this game is ridiculous. Gaijin has a bad habit of letting the worst players determine an aircrafts “efficiency”.