The Saab-105OE desperately needs a buff

The saab-105OE is basically just a strike aircraft with the Strike aircraft part of it that would make it a good one removed. When I try to aim the rockets they somehow fire upwards or do no damage even though its a 3kg warhead 1 meter away from a open topped vehicle
The RB05A missiles are incredibly hard to get used to aiming and even if you hit it isnt a guaranteed hit
I would even be happy with gaijin removing the airspawn specifically to add bombs and CCIP
I think that the Saab-105OE should AT LEAST get the CCIP that the Saab-105G has and maybe its bombs

I even have documents of the SAAB-105XT (the export name of the OE basically just the 105G) that supports it could carry bombs
And before you say “But muh copy paste” get over it, if theyre adding the A32 Röd johan which is LITTERALLY Copy and paste with a different skin then aircraft having similiar armament is fine
Also just being able to have bombs, cannons, RB24 would make it waaay more enticing to get the SAAB-105OE over the G.

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