The Russian Set "Feat of the Ancestors" pack

@Smin1080p , @Stona_WT

There is a new pack on the Russian store only for the Russian side of things.
The "Set “Feat of the Ancestors” pack

Can I be able to gain access if I brought it with fear of no punishments or bans ?
ofc u can.

Only if you aren’t a reptile!

Bit if a shame that I bought it over 5 years ago. Adding “extras” afterwards seems a bit thoughtless.

I think previous customers like you can gain the extras ingame over the next few days by playing with T-34-85E. There’s something in the Achievements menu about it

Ed:- here it is

Just win 10 games with the tank before 4th August


Normaly, when extras are added on a previous pack, you have them when you log in the game. Try to close the game and relaunch if you are connected before that adjustment on the pack.

Cheers guys!

do I ONLY need to use the t34 or can I have a line-up?

You can use a lineup, that’s how I got mine, you also needed to have used it during the match.

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You need to have spawned the T-43-85E at some point during the match. Doesn’t matter if you end the match with the tank or not or use other vehicles during the match, but simply having it in a line-up doesn’t work unless it’s spawned.

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Where in the world can I find the T-34-85E in the tech tree and under which country? I was expecting to see it under the Russian tree, but I can’t find it.

It’s in the rank 4 premiums of the USSR tree
It only goes on sale through the store for a limited period of time, so probably isn’t visible in the tree unless you own it.

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Thank you, sir.