The reload rate of Leclercs

Hello, so I’ve recently discover that Leclers have higher reload rate (5 seconds). Does it actually mean that France is good at top tier now? Or there are still a lot better vehicles for a top tier?

Yes taking 1 second away from the reload changes everything and makes it okay to have no armor

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I mean, I am not playing top tier so uhh, I can’t give a opinion about it but I assume it was a sarcasm

Yes & no. Leclercs have been upgraded from C-tier to B-tier with this change, so their ground line-up overall got stronger, however your main focus should still be the Mirage 2Ks (some of the best fixed wing CAS at top tier) & the Tiger HAP Mk.2 with Spikes.

Or there are still a lot better vehicles for a top tier?

Of course, all Strv 122s are still better & 2A7V blows the Leclerc out of the water because of its survivability (it’s very common for me, and likely many others, to just take 3 - 5 consecutive hits in it and still live, if I take more than 1 in a Leclerc without dying, i’m ready to consider it a divine intervention). I’d say SEPv1 & v2 are also better, BVM is still a good contender as well.

One whole second can mean difference between life and death, especially on top tier, so id say its actually a significant buff.

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Ah alright, I am currently doing Sweden and I gave up on the Russia so, well, it will take me some time to ge t to the top tier.

Leclercs remain the second worst top tier tank, only the Ariete is worse. The best are russia and sweden followed by germany

Damn, maybe you’re right. I am actually surprised that Abrams are not that good and Russia is just better lol

What is this b tier and c tier?

Pennable Cheeks (given a ~35 degree angle DM53 at less than 500m), huge turret-ring weak spot (that cannot be hidden easily unless completely hull-down), as well as the huge LFP weak spot that usually results in the knocking out of 1 or 2 crew members instead of just 1. The Abrams are less survivable than the Leopard 2A7s, Strv122s, BVMs or T90Ms, but they’re definitely better than the Ariete or the Leclerc (even with the Leclerc’s 5s autoloader buff).
While the Abrams have impenetrable turret cheeks (facing head-on), and a trolly UFP, the Leclerc has neither.

Eh, you forget the Merkava exists, so that at least bumps Leclerc to 3rd worst. Shoot, I’d consider the Ariete even better than the Merkava with how much Gaijin fumbled the bag on it.

The Leclercs are now on par with the M1 series, congrats.

Just like the M1 series its still garbage when compared to the Leopards and T-90M.

No armor, terrible shell

I mean I don’t like playing the M1 as much as Leopards, but atleast the M1 has turret cheek armor thats worth something. Leclerc? Nothing.

It’s way better
It was bad , now it’s just mid .
Now we need our Mobility back and our armour fixed…
I think the mobility should be a priority, irl GIAT/Nexter privileged the mobility instead of the armor like Leo Abraham or T series tanks .
So seeing the Leclerc with a mediocre mobility like that is really sad …

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Except that volume wise, you can pen about the same amount of tank in both cases, there used to be a fantastic comparison tool on the old forums which would measure the total penetrable area of a tank.

Against 3BM42 (best shell imo to use for a general comparison), the Leclerc, M1A2, and Type 10 all had a very similar total penetrable volume, with the Type 10 and Leclerc having the most similar penetrable area, the M1A2’s turret was less vulnerable overall but, unlike on the Type 10 and Leclerc, the entire hull was vulnerable. (No the UFP does not bounce sabots at any range beyond point blank)

Meanwhile the Merkava 4 is very bad and the Ariete is a joke.

The issue with the Leclerc, like the M1’s is that they have a very VERY known weakpoint, being their flat, square mantlet (the turret ring on the M1s) which is comically easy to hit.

Like the M1’s turret ring, if that one issue is alleviated it would resolve a lot of the Leclerc’s survivability issues, as the other options are “shoot the LFP” which is standard on pretty much every tank in game, or “shoot the UFP” which is standard on everything but the Leopard 2s and T series tanks. Turret wise the Leclerc’s overall turret protection if the mantlet got tweaked would be rather impressive as the only penetrable point would be the slivers around the primary gun sight.

I am glad the Leclerc got something. Would I like more changes? Sure, but to not be happy at this and only complain about what they did not fix is silly. As others have said Merkavas are in a terrible place and Arietes also struggle. I have fun when I play my Leclercs and definitely do not with my Merkavas….I do not have Italy at top tier.

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merkava is leagues above the leclerc in survivability even without the APS lmao