The recent steam announcement

Hi there. This is in regards to the recent announcement made by Gaijin on steam about the armour values of western MBT’s. When looking through it I found that the announcement was misrepresenting ingame information and lying about armour performance. Specifically the Leopard 2A7V.

Under this image it states and I quote: “less than 35% of the projection is vulnerable to APFSDS with a penetration of 600mm”
This is a blatant misrepresentation as it gives off the idea that the UFP is almost invulnerable to APFSDS specifically DM53 fired by the 2A5 which is one of the best in the game. Here is an imagine of the actual ingame protection calculator, you’ll note that I flicked on consider camera vertical angle and have included the actual penetration cross as further proof.

Now I could definitely be reading this all wrong so if I am please point it out.


Having “consider camera vertical angle” specifically makes the protection map less accurate in this situation. Since you’re aligning the camera with the cannon barrel, you end up shooting from above.

Looking at the screenshot you posted, you are hitting the armor plate at 79°, when the actual construction angle is 83° if I’m not mistaken. A difference of 4° at a distance of 600 meters means a height advantage of roughly 40 meters (you can calculate this estimate by doing tan(4°)×600 which will give you 41.96 meters).

Obviously this isn’t entirely perfect as bullet drop exists but APFSDS rounds travel so incredibly quickly that it is as if it didn’t exist.

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If you hit it at an 83 degree angle then the enemy barrel would have to have been in line with the hull, they’re always going to be slightly higher. Like I said I could be reading this whole thing wrong. Thanks for clearing it up.

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i made the same yesterday and even at 82 (which the angle of the armor is, ingame atleast XD) slpr m95 from strv122 would pen the ufp at 0 meters
And dm53 from L44 at 900 meters as well

Technically, yes.

However, at 600 meters the angle is so low that even a 2 meter advantage effectively is still hitting at 83º (you can do an estimate with tan-1( 2/600 ), which will give you a 0.191º difference, and on level ground you won’t have a 2 meter advantage).