The reason why gaijin refuse add AIM-9p for F100f is really ridiculous

Do you agree add aim-9p for F100f?
  • YES, and sent it to BR 9.7
  • No, just keep it in 9.3
  • No, and pls delete other aircraft’s missiles that don’t have flares

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It is really rediculous that Gaijin refuses to give AIM-9p for F100f, just because it doesn’t have flares, we have a lot of other higher BR air craft that don’t have flares but still equip good missiles, such as SU17M2, and F4F(early) and F1, and in this update, gaijin just add aim9-p for T-2 in 9.7. how could Gaijin said because of no flares so refuses to give AIM-9p for F100f? this is 100% double standard of treatment


Yes because plane sucks and needs all help it can get.

Cause it was probably close to to having its BR decreased, which Gaijin didn’t want to do so they gave it 9P’s. It’s what happened with the Harrier GR-7.

Sure, but then it needs to go to 10.0.

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Why do you even care?.. Can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit. 🤷‍♂️