The Rear arc of fire on mbt2000

Regarding the rubber screen deflector at the rear of the MBT2000 main battle tank engine, these rubber plates force the main gun to lift upward at a very high angle, resulting in almost no depression angle backwards. But aren’t these rubber sheets supposed to be soft and flexible? When the tank’s main gun is pointed backwards, it should make room for the main gun like a rubber shield on an airport X-ray machine.As far as I know, this type of shielding cover is designed to induce high-temperature engine waste to be discharged directly above, reduce the high-temperature infrared thermal radiation characteristics of the front and sides, and reduce the interference to the tank’s own thermal imaging equipment.All such devices are flexible and can rotate freely, with the deflectors changing angles due to the pressure generated by the engine exhaust gases.Besides, I really don’t understand. Engineers will never raise the pitching stroke of the main gun to the 6 o’clock direction by such a large angle just for the sake of some soft plates with rubber-covered cloth structures, right?