The RCS of active radar-guided missile seems too large

the radar cross-section (RCS) of active radar-guided missiles in War Thunder seems to be too large. This causes radars (both airborne and missile-borne) to frequently abandon tracking enemy aircraft in favor of tracking the missiles. In reality, the RCS of missiles is generally much smaller than that of fighter jets. Perhaps Gaijin needs to address this issue to enhance the gaming experience and make the game more realistic.

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The RCS should be smaller, but it’s realistic that they are being picked up.

Edit: if you are only using TWS, the contacts will appear the same size. If you are using SRC or SRC PD, the missiles will appear smaller, same as targets farther away

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uhm, idk about that… I seem to remember Russia claiming the Pantsir can only detect a HARM from a range of like sub 15km iirc, and the HARM is about as big or bigger than most of these fox 3’s. Theres no way most airborne radars should be picking up a missile with a frontal RCS of like 0.031m^2, possibly less, at the ranges we do pick them up in-game imo.