The RakJpz 2 with the SS.11 is so bad I rather play the maus in an up and downtier

It’s bad at everything. The missles need ages to get control (like 80 to 100 meters). At longer range the missles are to slow and you can’t hide behind a hill anymore because the missle dives down after firing (if you don’t get city maps all the time).

Downtier doesn’t help either because you will still have all disadvantages but don’t even one-shot anymore because of heavy armor.

My suggestion would be to make Gen 1 missles mouse guided (they are already on helis). This would not only improve the RakJpz 2 but the Zachlam and type 60 ATM (or any gen1 missle carrier) aswell, which are garbage aswell.

With how they ruined ATGMs, the keyboard controlled one is easier to control than the mouse ones.

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