The R60m is not the same as the r60mk Tracking

i got both the su25 and the 21bis and I’ve noticed the the r60m is far more attracted to flares the the r60mk even though they are supposed to be the same i have takin many shots the the 60mk where the play flares once and the MK latches back onto the desired target with radar lock where the r60m out right ignores the target and goes for the flare not to mention with the mk i can launch far off bore sight while the 60m must always be within bore sight farther enforcing that the MK and the M are not the same in terms of guidance capabilities and the MK is superior to the M

They’re literally identical.

You would have to do a datamine to check if their are actually any difference between the missiles besides the name.

They are identical.

I know that, I’m just saying if you want to see if there are any “secret” changes that would be the only way I know of.

I am saying that in the datamine, they are identical.
The filenames are different, the content of the weapons files are 1:1.

Again, I know! I’m just saying to the OP that it would be the only way to check.