The PLZ83-130

Im gonna keep it short, this vehicle should immediatelly be turned into a premium, i feel like these sorts of events should actually reward players with a vehicle you can use regularly, which is what premiums are for. I dont see it as any issues with rewarding players a bit, im speaking from 10 years of experience here when i say that Gaijin has not once given us something nice, the Sturmtiger being an exception but even that vehicle got nerfed when they didnt even let you keep the funny gimmick RC tracked mine things. So in short having this vehicle as a premium would make China way more fun to play.

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PLZ83-130 isn’t really that great, the gun is definitely much easier to use and reloads faster than the 152 but otherwise it’s the same mediocre SPG and now with an awkward BR, you will bring it to 8.0.

I sure as hell wouldn’t pay a damn cent for it

We cant have premium event vehicles you can earn for free???

The era of good event vehicles is over by the moment when the boycott had effect,

I’m saying that because obviously we are not going to see any good or interesting event vehicle, lets see for example:

We had T-72M2 Moderna: Very good ERA armor, very good TAPNA shell and a 30mm cannon as secondary, this tank is the Jack-of-all-trades, do everything in a match,


We had Object 292: Mediocre armor, very good APFSDS shell, no coaxial. The thing is: “Ahh, just add some high caliber cannon, they’ll be fine with this”.


We had AGS: Very good cannon for the kind of vehicle, fast loading and most of the cases a cancer in open maps.


We’re doing PLZ-83-130: No armor, very good APHEBC shell, 12.7mm HMG is more useful against planes than the HE-VT shell. And again, another high caliber cannon.

Where’s the interesting vehicles just like we had in the past?

??? What are you even saying, my post said to give it premium benefits, i want premium event vehicles i can earn

I got mixed up, i opened several themes at the same time .
I deleted it

This SPG is awful, should go down to 6.3/6.7 max. The 130mm gun is worse than the 152mm on the regular PLZ. 130mm aphe doesnt reliably pen cold war heavies which are super common in the 7.0-8.0 bracket. Hell it doesnt even lolpen mediums like t54/m60s .152/155mm HE from the 6.0-6.3 SPHs do a better job 1 shotting all the above with overpressure. not to mention the aphe shell is only 900m/s so its pretty hard to snipe with anyway

Awful? Nah, I’d say it’s about as good as the 152 model. Thick HE (even the 4.0 shell PLZ83 gets) kicks ass so hard, it doesn’t suffer from overpen and is rarely deflected by external parts like tracks and basically never by turret mechanics, which can all stop any AP-type shell from doing real damage.
Would put this this sad vehicle to 6.7, all it really has going for it is the high shell velocity that makes HEVT technically usable

I’d love for it to go to 6.7. Vidar spam is painful.

VIDAR should be 10.0 with all the fancy equipment and one shot gun it has…

ikr, it would still work fin at top tier.