The Pbv 302 BILL is actually good

Alright, the Pbv 302 BILL. So, picture this: I’m playing as Sweden, right? And we’re up against these Russians steamrolling our team left and right. But here’s me, chilling behind some cover, blending in with the trees and hills, just waiting for the perfect moment to strike with my ATGM launcher.

I’m talking about taking down T-55s like it’s nobody’s business. And when those brave Russians in their SPAA or BMP think they can roll up on me, I whip out my autocannon turret, give 'em a taste of their own medicine, and boom! Watch 'em go up in flames like all those Shilkas before 'em.

So yeah, long story short, playing with the Pbv 302 BILL is a total blast, man. It’s not every day you find a vehicle that lets you play the field like a pro and have a ton of fun doing it.

Also its fun seeing any Russian tank reverse behind a hill thinking they are safe only to explode because Top-attack ATGMs are Russians worst enemy.