The Papyrus Hunter | Swiss Hunter F.58 Skin

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At the end of its service life in the Swiss Air Force 1994, efforts were made to clad one of the Hunters in a special camoflage honoring the “Fliegerstaffel 15” of the Swiss Air Force. The wings depict the names of the then active pilots of the Fliegerstaffel 15, while the fuselage bears the name of helpers and patrons.

The Papyrus Hunuter is to-date one of the last Swiss Hunters still airworthy. Efforts are being made to extend the airwothyness to the end of 2024, but it is currently unclear if the Papyrus will continue to fly this year. Right now the Hunter is under the care of the “Hunterverein Obersimmental”, a club dedicated to preserving the Papyrus Hunter.

I personaly would love this skin in the game (preferrably as an unlockable one), as I like playing the Hunter F.58 and this skin would give it a unique and characteristic look.

I’m actually working on it.

In the meantime, consider flying with my other Hunter skins. ;-)