The object 775 is fun

Just share your experience with it I hope they fix the armor on the turret but besides that it’s fun

What do they need to fix with the turret?

But yes it’s pretty fun, not nearly as unkillable as people thought it’d be though. Think people failed to consider it has only two crew and they sit quite high up. Any shot to the cupola or turret roof will kill it even if it’s not a full penetration.

The armor is pretty good despite that and so far it being at 9.3 seems fine, although without exaggerating I have only had uptiers except one game where I was downtiered.

İmo it could be 9.0 , the ATGM it fires is extremely bad for its BR , it isn’t even tandem, close to unlocking to so haven’t tried it yet

Agree that the atgm isn’t very good but I think the vehicle would be too strong against 8.0 tanks.

Right now it has a pretty good reload which I think makes up for the performance of the ATGM, when you face composites and ERA you have to aim for the classic weakspots instead like the breech, turret ring etc instead of brute forcing your way through the armor like you might on the shtrum or khrizantema.

It actually makes it pretty interesting to play.

The armor is good enough to survive panic shots by enemies and the reload is good enough to usually let you fire twice when they do miss.

Just my opinion though, I’ve only played it for a couple hours.

Ah YES, cause I can SEE the cupola in tank high foliage. My 8.3 APDS can do literally nothing.

Turret ring and LFP can still be penned by 105mm apds available at 8.3. Although 9.3 is probably the BR that gets uptiered the most right now, so there’s that.