The Object 292 be removed or be added to other Countries

Either nerf the Object 292 or let other countries have it it’s such a rat tank. I’m sure most players are annoyed with it being a “monster tank” and to be honest i think Germany should get it because Sweden operates the Leopard 2a6, Leopard 2a4, Leopard 2a6, and the T-72M1 such as Italy. Thank You for Reading!

So because sweden operates some Leopards, Germany should get a purely soviet vehicle?

X uses Y’s tanks, so Y should use A’s tanks ???

Pretty convincing argument.


Object 292 just needs to be moved to 11.0. Its essentially just another soviet P2W tank which is very annoying. (also its invisible spall liners and ERA could do with being removed)

and I do not follow your justification in the slightest about it going to Germany. If that is even what you saying?


No other countries operates the 292 but Russia, so that’s a no go, also removing it would be a horrible idea, I personally think this vehicle sits fine where it is, it has a lot of cons, perhaps it can go up if it got its proper engine.


292 isn’t as good as you think it is, and obviously it shouldn’t go to any other tech tree.
For Germany, you can wait for KF51 for 12.X.

Nah, 292 is balanced at 10.3. Gun and chassis, and that’s it. It’s a good SPG.
No machine gun, no thermals, no turret traverse, etc.


True on that one

so other nations should have maus and sturmtiger too?

the obj292 is a glass canon as far as T80s go its not that OP

Its non-existant spall liner and ERA needs removing? Alright…


I’m so tired of the frequency of USSR vs USSR matchmaking at 10.3 and now you tell me I need to fight my comrades every matches?? I already see the enemy T-72s while in my T-72s when fighting Germany and Sweden, at this point just remove nations bro and let players put anything in their lineup, example you can put T-80, Abrams, Leopard 2, Strela, Ozelot, Su-25K and A-6E trams in your lineup lol


obj 292 is not a problem at all. It’s just an slow, not very mobile tank with good round and horrible reload, no thermals and poor gun handling.

Leave it be

(i don’t own a 292 and i do not weep to nerf it - be like me)


Delussional post, object 292 should remains unique to russia and other countries have options like américa with the M1 Thumper or the Leopard 2-140 or the Swiss Leopard 2-140


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Or just re-release it as a premium vehicle or something

a new germany main is sending some spam to show his anger about Leo2A7HU🤣

They should, I mean who doesn’t have Leopard 2? one of them even named Christian II. Now imagine the USSR also receiving an Abrams and Leopard 2 lol


Oh nice, it’s already expensive in the cost of $114 and people say that’s “P2W” for a glass cannon,

Re-releasing it as premium would cut the price in almost half, in like $40. Gaijin would have to compensate all the 1251 sellers in the market. Don’t you think about this scenario?

dont forget the germany’s SK105, G91, USH405, why don’t you write a letter to KraussMaffei asking them not to sell Leo2 to other countries anymore


Would be lovely to see others like the Swiss’s 140mm Leopard, I really wanted to see it as event vehicle then everyone would be have a chance to obtain but where in the hell did you get that Object 292 is a rat vehicle? That thing is loud and you’ll know that there’s one just by its cannon fire sound.

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there is a lot of prototype mbt’s from some countries that can be perfectly fit into war thunder, like the PZ-87-140

or the Leopard 2-140
dang even the M1 Thumper its an option for america



Leclerc T4 140!!11!