The nonsense of the sound of engines

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but it has reached a point where it is completely absurd how from a tank you can hear the engine of another tank when you are 300 or 400 meters away when being in a closed place it would be difficult to hear another tank at least 40 meters. All this disaster of the sound of the engines makes ambushes and flanking attacks impossible, something that is normal with tanks, but gaijin not only did it wrong in his time but also in this last one Update sharpened it even more so that the engines could be heard from further away. How are the sounds now it is no longer necessary to turn off the engine, I have come to hear other tanks while I am in motion, when I should not hear them even when stopped, only With the engine off you should be able to hear enemy tanks from about 200 meters away, with the tank stopped you can hear them from about 40 meters away, and when moving about 10 meters away.Honestly, I don’t know what went through the gaijin’s head when it occurred to them that the motors could be heard from so far away, but it is something that should be corrected immediately, since the first is a fantasy, and the second cancels you out. ambushes and attacks surrounding areas.
If the gaijin wants us all to play head-on, then all the tanks are the same model and the maps are 30 meters wide by 500 meters long, and so everyone is happy.


Its largely to simulate the ability for a tank commander to ride outside the tank, in which case the audio in game is actually too quiet. The process to animate a crewman popping out of every tank and riding above it while obeying physics and having an individual collision model isn’t worth the effort. Imo, its necessary. Corner camping in towns is already heavily advantaged and listening for engine noise is one of the few ways to counter it.

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Having actually worked around and served on tanks… you’re wrong. The tank sounds in-game aren’t awful, and as the other guy said… too quiet in some cases… too loud in others.

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It seems very good to me that I hear it at a certain distance, but I repeat that from so far it is impossible, since the first thing is that your engine muffles the sound of the enemy if it is at a certain distance, and then you can hear tanks go by on the other side of a block of buildings, that the measurement muffles the sound?
There is another solution to avoid the camping corner in the cities, which is to eliminate all the city maps.

on n’a besoin du bruit du moteur des chars, même si j’avoue que l’entendre à 300m de distance c’est peut être un peu trop. mais quand même c’est très utile certes cela peut faire foirer tes embuscades mais cela veut dire que ça peut faire foirer les embuscades des autres. Petit life hack : éteinds ton moteur quand un ennemi est proche il ne t’entendras pas :)

It is clear that it works for everyone, in fact I have already almost killed more people by listening to them than by seeing them, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel bad, because although thanks to the sound I have killed many people who without so much sound would have killed me but It seems somewhat unfair to me, since they are players who have managed to flank the enemy to attack them from the side and end up dead because a player heard you 300 meters from behind a hill. For example, yesterday in a game I saw an enemy pass through a street I went behind his back through another street to be able to catch him from behind, and he had his back turned with the tower pointing at me, simply because I heard my engine through the buildings as if I were 10 meters from him.


Well, if you think about it, the sound issue has only made the games even more static, for example, before I used to stop in areas and move forward depending on the situation, now there are games in which I literally stay still for up to 8 or 9 minutes because I hear someone’s engine approaching and since there are obstacles in the way, I wait until it crosses my sights, even though I was doing nothing for all those minutes, before I would look for a position where I could see the area with binoculars, now behind any stone is worth it.

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c’est clair, ben après genre t’a une solution ou du moins tu voudrait que quelque chose change?

I’ve started on Italy 6.3 and even if they hear me, most German and USSR mains don’t have time to aim :)

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The solution is to leave the sounds as they were a few years ago, which were heard but it was not so easy to hear the sounds of others at a great distance, and that you can hear them at a greater distance when turning off the engine, it would also be good to add them to vehicles that They had the auxiliary engine, to have energy with the engine off.

Sorry i didn’t know i’ll do it now :)

yeah like a sound in the background but in the background but this will be make us hesitantly intrigued and ultimately distracted

Biggest issues I have with engine sounds:

  • Sliders being available to turn down your engine noise and increase other players, this should just be one universal slider for global engine sounds

Not sure why this isn’t already the case, there was a scare a while ago with Gaijin ready to ban all sound mods because a mod was being used to turn off your own engine sounds and increase enemy sounds drastically in tournaments

  • Lack of standardisation

Example being recorded audio tends to be a lot louder than synthesised sounds, the Type 90 and other tanks that use its audio like the Type 10/16 and some Rooikats are far louder than similar vehicles around them

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So I thought I would take my time to add my gripes with the sound engine.

Firstly, the stereo mix is awful and it almost sounds like a virtual surround is on even whilst playing in stereo. Whether this is due to the audio engine itself, sound dampening due to terrain/buildings or poor mixing of the audio but sometimes it is difficult to get a decent idea of where someone is. As an example you can have a player on the opposite side of an apartment complex to you where you a right in the middle and have them go to either end without going beyond the corner, it will sound like they’re along that wall but you cannot easily pinpoint them by sound. However, it is only when they poke out from a corner does the sound suddenly change to where they are in reality and sometimes this can be a major disadvantage for slower tanks (obviously not forgetting 3rd person corner peak advantage.)

Second issue I have with the audio system is aeroplanes! In RB it is painful when the sky is filled up with 4 - 6 planes, as the sound from them drowns out nearly all other sound entirely. I believe there should be a seperate slider to determine the audio volume for plane engines as I feel it is way too loud. (I occasionally have spitfires fly over where I live and they are nowhere near as loud in real life.

Thirdly and my final complaint is that any tank that is or is based off of (e.g. captured) USSR tanks from the earlier tiers is a joke. You have no option of stealth as the opposition can practically hear you from the other side of the map, this especially impacts USSR tanks on smaller maps and even more so those that have poor mobility. Yes it helps mask the sound of you allies but that doesn’t help when you are practically broadcasting your location to the enemy and by association your allies’ as well. Forget about getting hit by a shell and getting tinnitus, just being in a low BR USSR match will be enough for that.

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Yeah kinda aburd if u can hear enemy tank engine 400m over your own tank voice :D