The new TV/IR seeker changes are fantastic!

Guys, I can actually select the target I want to hit now! No more guessing where the missile is going to lock because the interface isn’t precise. No more spoiled shots because the missile locked the wrong thing. No more getting locked into a bad lock you didn’t want. We’ve now got pixel precision on exactly what we want to lock. Thank you Gaijin!


Agreed i love the change for this. Before the reticle made no sense and was really hard to get a lock and in 3rd person you just get a few flashes then it locks randomly. Its so much better with the update. Much easier to get a lock.

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Now, I have noticed that targeting pods are not effected and continue to act as they did previously.

If we could get this change ported over to targeting pods, particularly in the case of the A-7E and its TGP + Walleye-ER combo this would be fantastic! Having to change from TGP view to seeker view is kinda inconvenient.


Since they added the crosshair, I wonder if man in the middle guidance will be added.

this change is already gonna ruin ground realistic way more for tank players than it already is. like sure its cool but i hope they lower the circle where u can use the reticle since this is basically just hmd for cas.
like sure im gonna use it when ever i cas a camper etc but still un needed change and doesnt need to be even better and port it over to targeting pods or what ever

This has been present in a basic form for several years. The whole 3rd person thing isn’t even what I’m talking about tbh. I’m far far more interested in the specific point designation added when in seeker view for the TV/IR munitions.

whats that?

Idk what you’re on about, all I see is making it so it doesn’t lock the ground or have a confusing non-existent crosshair

the TV missiles from battlefield but IRL

The new Buccanear’s ASHMs are supposed to be man-in-the-middle, as are SPIKE NLOS whenever they come to the game.

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Honestly with the new crosshair the walleye is good enough to go without the TGP, unless theres a good SPAA I suppose.

Sorry I don’t play that.

Ah so the weapons officer gets the TV feed and manually guides it?

Yeah pretty much

Except there’s an element of auto-tracking too. It can guide like a Maverick once you’ve got Line of Sight on the TV feed. You just don’t have to have that line of sight before firing.

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would be a great feature for such a relatively obscure vehicle like the Bucc S.2B

Anyone got pics or a vid showing how it is now? Sadly have no possibility to use the DevServer these days…

You can adjust the aiming pip post-lock. It’s very nice now. Even if you ‘miss’ the target when you lock the first time, if you move the pip over to the moving target the missile will still track it correctly.