The new event is garbage

i just build my 5th missile thats broken will i get any destruction report soon i havent send even 1 how many more missiles i have to create that wont work

Every third one is a pass, ma dude. That’s the pattern, it never changes. You’re doing something weird there, not sure what.

im testing it and either it cant destroy the targer or explodes mid air or goes in the water on its own i know how to contol those type of missiles

You can crash the third one. It doesn’t matter what you do with it in the test, you still get the report you need. Flying it into the target only gets you the decal. The first and second in the series will always fail. If you do the guessing game right on what the failure was you get 3 extra boxes, if you guess wrong you get 1. That’s the whole game.

If you’ve done five you will have the first target report. When you do six you’ll have two. I’d look through your crafting board again, you might be missing a little “1” somewhere.