The Mirage IIIE should be able to pull a lot harder

Ok - so I’ve been playing the Mirage IIIE quite a bit lately and it’s a good plane - but I think its not pulling as hard as it should.

Now I know most people will say it’s because “weight” and thus why the IIIC is better at it but that doesn’t really explain the whole picture.

I know the IIIE is slightly longer which can affect aerodynamics but weight is a huge factor in acceleration thus why the IIIC is a bit faster to accelerate.

In a turn around 450kts or so the IIIC tends to kinda tuck in an pull around 10G. However maybe the IIIE can see 8-9 at the most.

The thing is though - how many G’s you pull is dependent on how hard you pull the stick. And I think gaijin has simply gimped the performance in mouse aim.

Going full real you can turn at around 10G’s at 450kts without the aircraft stalling. Even with additional load factor it seems unphased. Obviously full real controls unlocks the full to the limit potential of all aircraft but it seems like this is just a case where the limits of mouse aim need to be bumped up.



And if I’m reading the performance charts right - the turn should be faster than what is listed in game.


I mean that chart shows a maximum turn potential of 17.5 deg/s at ~6.5G, so strictly speaking its overperforming not under.

Also that 17.5deg/s is likely the instantaneous turn given the 13.1deg/s for sustained.

Also thats not a real flight manual note the caution statement;

Yes I was more referencing the instantaneous turn rate which I think is lacking in mouse aim. In the sustained turn rate it is about on par with what the game says.

It seems like in full real though I get what that chart says. The biggest thing is that this plane rips at 12G’s so I don’t know what the scaling they would have to implement.

It’s so badly done, that in SB with dempening, you can barelly takeoff, so little it pulls

in mouse aim instructor limits the amount of maneuverability for aircraft, this is disabled in full real