The Mirage IIIC is decidedly a 10.0 given the current meta

Not much to say on this other than it’s a worse 10.3 than every other 10.3 in the game. How in the world this can be compared to an SMT/MF MiG21 is absurd to me. Even the F-8E is better by a long shot. F-5C=better. F-4F early=better. Jag GR.1A=better. F-1= better. A-5C=better at 10.0. Mirage IIIE=better. J35D=better. AJ37=better. Someone make it make sense plz.

You should be asking for decompression.

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That is because Magic Missiles are not modeled correctly.

and MiG-21SMT/MF, F-8s move up to higher BR

I agree.

I have Mirage IIICJ that is already 10.0BR but, as long as flareless jets are sitting at BR 10.3, the 10.3 BR Mirage IIIC is fair enough.

Magic 1 is still a pretty decent short-range AAM even they got missile drag nerf, and in some ways better than the R-60. It is still the “I win” button against flareless jets.

The problem is current 10.0 and 10.3BR jets face against all-aspect missile carriers such as A-10 and A-6E, Su-25.

I’d agree with that. 10.7 is a pretty safe BR right now since you don’t have to see the 12.0s. But it still doesn’t negate the fact that the IIIC is in need of a downtier with the amount of all aspect missiles it sees every single game with no flares to counter. Imo nothing without flares needs to see all aspect missiles. Move stuff up down left right I don’t care just get them out of the same games.

Honestly this might be an unpopular opinion but I think the all aspect carriers are more often than not just free kills - yes, they can occasionally third party missile you and I understand how annoying it is I’ve had my fair share of those encounters - but they’re all subsonics and generally have glaring flight model issues (A-10s turn extremely tight but cannot do verticals at the expense of all their energy, 25s are very heavy and the A-6 is also very bricked especially with its roll rate for what it is etc), and if you either engage the very frontline or just fly above them to flank them they’re usually just cannon fodder from my experience at least.

If you meet them in a head on I do understand that part since the only other option you have is a front aspect missile joust, and I also do agree that the Mirage IIIC seems fine at 10.3, but I would nevertheless still disagree with the all aspects essentially ‘ruining’ matches for 10.0-10.3s, even ones without flares, if you just play around them ever so slightly (less effort than trying to dogfight competent jets, imo, not to mention you bag one or two more free kills)

IIIC should be 10.0 just like the IIICJ is. They are similar enough. One missile has longer range the other has better short range performance.