The MIG23ML isnt a scam, its BROKEN! (RANT)

Enjoy this ranty video :D

Well one, your video was just ranting about how different you want to be than other YT… which is what every YT says… Two, all your doing is cussing like a sailor on liberty and maybe have 30 seconds of actual information.

You want to be a Youtube partner you have to be marketable to the advertisers which means being more coherent and not cursing every two seconds and just repeating yourself.

This was really a bad video, and a waste of time for anyone to watch.


Mig 23 had X performance, changes to draw were made, it got X+ performance, FM is corrected so it is back to X performance

nothing more, nothing less

first and foremost, if you have a problem with swear words in a youtube video, grow up, arent we all adults? cant we say what we want to say how we say it? sorry not sorry.

secondly, i can have ideas cant i? if you dont like it leave a dislike

3rd, this video was aimed at entertainment and spreading my opinions, if you think my points are wrong please do your best to prove me wrong, otherwise leave feedback as much as you like, ill listen best i can.

i appreciate your comment regardless, definately gives engagement :)

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you had about 30 seconds of a point about the mig23, then you rambled on about how your different and your going to stand up to the man… The only one that needs to grow up is you bud. You can get your thoughts about the mig 23 and the upcoming nerf with out rambling and patting yourself on your back while filling all the other time with cussing. Like i said, no one is going to pay to put advertisements on your channel with content like that.

There is no engagement as its on the WT forums, not comments on your channel, so the google analytics will not catch the convo.


Great video. They also need to increase its BR from 11.0 to 11.3 in SB (Mig-23MLA which I think is it’s closest equal, is 11.3)

Tornado F3 it’s counter on the British TT is 11.7 in SB. Like what the hell is that. I can’t wait for this nerf

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glad you enjoyed :)

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The issue isn’t swearing as a concept. I don’t care about that. I think the issue with the video is that when you say “f*ck” 3 times and say all the other CCs are lying, all within the first 32 seconds, it muttles the point of the video. When a video is filled with that level of swearing, it ruins the point you are actually trying to make because all the swearing and level of anger inherently tunes most people out to the information you are actually trying to convey. I agree that the MiG-23ML is not a scam. It’s really good. I think your argument for it is extremely bad, poorly formed, and not well thought out, but I don’t think it’s a scam. However, irrespective of what I think of the actual substance of your argument, the fact is that the level of anger in the video is masking that substance.

The other issue in the video that masks that substance is that the video is only about the MiG-23ML for roughly 45% of the runtime. This video is not “The MIG23ML isnt a scam, its BROKEN! (RANT),” this video is “The other CCs are a lying cult and I am different than them, with special guest star MiG-23ML (RANT).” If you want to talk about how you are different than the other CCs, sure, go ahead, knock yourself out. I think it’s an extremely wrong opinion with some serious r/ImTheMainCharacter and r/im14andthisisdeep energy, but you are fully within your right to express it. The issue is that this is ostensibly a video about the MiG-23ML, and so when it becomes about your view on and relationship to other CCs and the WT CC community as a whole, the actual point you’re making becomes lost in the sauce due to it being interspersed with stuff about other CCs and the CC community. I understand that this is an unscripted video, but for the point you’re trying to make, this really should be scripted because it not being scripted makes it super disorganized and muttled with no clear logical throughline. Save the CC stuff for another video because it brings down what is ostensibly the point of this one.