The MiG-15bis ISH Is Back for Its Maiden Flight Anniversary and Is Here to Stay

On December 30th 1947, the MiG-15 jet fighter took off for the first time, later becoming one of the most popular jet fighters in history. The MiG-15 was actively used to protect Warsaw Pact countries and showed itself well especially in the Korean War.

The MiG-15bis ISH is available for Golden Eagles and is here to stay!

When: From December 29th (11:00 GMT).

Where: USSR research tree > Aviation > Premium vehicles.

About the aircraft

  • The MiG-15bis ISH is a modification of the MiG-15 and is distinguished by bomb holders placed on the pylons. This increases the number of available weapons for the MiG-15bis ISh, all while maintaining a high top speed and good rate of climb, meaning this aircraft is excellent for ground attacks. In addition, this aircraft is equipped with capable guns that tear apart enemy aircraft when hit!

MiG-15/MiG-15bis is one of my favorite jets in the game since when top BR was 9.0 but, funny how they are facing against F-104s and other supersonic jets, even MiGs can do nothing against these supersonic.

Give us back the 2016 or 2017 top tier games instead compress BR




Sure! It was used to protect Warsaw Pact countries… especially in the Korean War. North Korea was part of the Warsaw Pact, dontcha know. KEKW


Yet somehow they don’t think there is a need for decompression, the same thing they’ve been saying for a better part of a decade because either they’re out of touch or just dishonest.

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For anyone interested: MiG-15bis ISH has CCIP for its rockets. You can even use sight in first person view by switching sights mode to rockets and pressing upward movement of the head, by combining these you will see the aiming reticle in the MiG-15bis ISH sights. Which is really handy if you’re simulator battles player or simply like 1st person immersion.

I would love to have this MiG myself.


Even when top BR was 9.0, people asked about decompression because all Sabres and MiGs had same BR.

Yeah, compression is pretty much always an issue, but Gaijin is years behind and when they finally add like .3 to the BR we’re still 2-3 BRs below where we should be, they’re too scared or unwilling to do anything.


Its purposeful dude. They even said they think its fine how it is now