The MICA doesn't have multipathing!?

Me and a other f16 where on the runway and we both got killed by the mica. its tracking while we are stationary on the runway. is this a new feature only for the mica? or just a bug?

I will link a video of it happening and you can see its tracking the f16 while its on the ground!

Link to YT video - MICA Pathing?

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It’s Gaijin’s janky missiles and radar doing their thing. Had my R-27ER do that on the live server a few times. If you lock onto someone still flying while landing, it will somtimes maintain an accurate lock. So your missile will just ignore all the multipathing and snipe them.

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Why would multipathing protect you from attack if you are on the ground? The indirect path of the radar beam reflects off the ground right below your aircraft.


MICA is still under multipath effect surely like other radar missiles shown as data in game.

multipath is set to 100m for mica still, so most likely a bug

IRL it shouldn’t be affected by multipath though, since it can shoot down sea skimming anti ship missiles (as most of the fox 3s added this update i’d assume)

Multipathing is when a radar wave return appears from the plane being targeted and a ground reflection off the bottom of the aircraft bounced back to the radar itself- when on the ground the secondary return is still overlapping with the primary return thus meaning there is no difference in return that matters for radar targetting.

That’s my best guess at least.

This happens in sim with SARH missiles fairly frequent. I had some @$$ sit there and shoot us on the runway every time we spawned. Tones and then R-27 whack…

Not sure how this is happening but there’s a way to do it I guess.

or the signal processing in the 90s was enough to get around this little problem

sea skimming can usually refer to everything from 2 to tens of meters, both aster and mica (sharing a similar seeker) can deal with that kind of threat easily.

Multipathing is a real effect and i’m not denying it, it’s just a non issue for modern seekers and appropriate signal processing


Not how it’s modeled in the game, as the value of multi-pathing is quite literally just a set value regardless of the platform or missile. As I said, my best guess is that the target was close enough to the false contact that the missile fuse armed anyway and went off which destroyed the nearby target anyway

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oh my bad

I misunderstood. Yes when the target is really close to the ground the reflection merges with the real target and the multipath effects gets cancelled.

Good point indeed