The Magnificent Kotobuki Emma's Ki-43-I Hayabusa

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“The Magnificent Kotobuki’’ is an anime set in a fictional world resembling the 1930s, where vintage aircraft play a crucial role in transportation and commerce. The anime is centered around the Kotobuki Squadron which is led by Reona, the squadron also includes Kylie, Emma, Kate, Zara, Chika. The anime explores their adventures as they undertake tasks such as airship escorts and engage in aerial battles against pirates. The anime director was the same director as the Girls und Panzer Anime’s.

The anime also has a compilation film that includes the content from the anime and additional content that was not aired when the anime originally aired.

A mobile game that was only available in Japan was also released called “Kōya no Kotobuki Hikōtai - Ōzora no Take Off Girls!” which features the cast from the anime and more squadrons which were not included in the anime. The game launched February 13th 2019 and shut down December 14th 2020.

The anime also has many official model kits for the planes featured in the anime for viewers to buy and build at home to be able to show off how much they like the anime.

For this suggestion I will be focusing on one of the characters and their plane in particular. The plane in particular would be Emma’s Ki-43-I Hayabusa

Emma is one the main cast of the anime and a part of the Tokobuki Squadron, she was a noblewoman which can be seen by the way she acts/talks with her squadron as well as people she meets. She has known Kylie since she was a kid, she joined the Kotobuki squadron to earn money for her family. Her plane features a more elegant flowing pinstripe style design with her personal emblem of a scythe and rose on the tail of the aircraft. There are 2 versions of her personal emblem, the one that is shown below of the rose being white while the scythe is blue and other is both the rose and scythe being blue.


『荒野のコトブキ飛行隊』設定資料集&モデリングガイドブック設定資料集&モデリングガイドブック ( “The Magnificent Kotobuki” Setting Material Collection & Modeling Guidebook)

If you want to watch the anime for yourself you can watch it on Hidive:

Or Crunchyroll:

If you want some more information on the World of Kotobuki these videos shows off some of the planes/characters without spoiling


Wasn’t my favorite character but she was cool.

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