The light at the end of the tunnel-The tunnel is getting deeper and there is no light to illuminate so much darkness

Apparently in the test of this next update what seemed to be a damage improvement for missiles over 170mm has ended up being an improvement for all CE ammunition. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but it seems that they have given all of them CE bullets damage due to overpressure, giving them more realistic and consistent damage. This could give the possibility that WW2 tanks can be separated from post-war tanks, since now the HEAT would cause consistent damage, so for For example, tanks with recoilless guns would be able to destroy Br 7.7 tanks without problems.
At the moment all this is in the test so it is not a guaranteed thing, but the mere fact of putting it in the test gives hope to solve one of the big problems of the game. We can only wait and see if gaijin finally starts to go for it good path, and we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Well, it seems that my hope has really been short-lived haha. Gaijin literally hasn’t solved a fucking shit.
Everything is exactly the same, all the chemical weapons continue to do the ridiculous damage they did, and above all the HESH are the same or worse than before, a real shame for the developers.
I just played a game in which a Spaa truck stopped two 120mm HESHs.