The legendary Male Mark 4

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Hi Guys.

Today im gonna suggest the Male Mark 4 for War Thunder! :)



The Mark 1 prooved to be far from satisfying on the battlefield so the British started to look at solutions.
The Mark 4 was to be a much improved version of the Mark 1. More reliable and guns that were shorter. some of the Mark 4,s was equicped with hotchkiss machine gun however these guns was disliked by the crew since they only hold 14 rounds out of the Lewis 96 rounds.
Another upgrade was to carry a large fascine made of brushwood bundle with chains carried at the front. and this was later updated so it was made as chained unditching beam reinforced with sheet metal. It was stored in two rails running on the entire roof.
This provided better trench crossing and became a trademark for the later Mark 5 variant off the British landship late in the First World War and during the Russian Civil War.
The most importent improvement was more reliable and better produced Armor plates and relocating the fual tanks to avoid fire if the tank gets penetrated by incoming fire.
The tank was demanded to be quickly put to production so an order was issued by the war ministry by August 1917.
The tank Quickly saw combat during the attack at the Messine Ridge on June the 7th 1917. the tarrain was heavily cratered but also cold and dry which allowed with some succes the Mark 4 tanks though they did at points leave the infantry behind and also sometimes got stuck in craters. at the battle of Ypres 31 of July. The tanks most of the Mark 4 tanks got stuck in craters or started sinking in mud.
Due to the power to weight ratio of the tank comparred to heavily cratered and muddy terrain of the western front the Mark 4 tanks also struggled to reach its objective since they like their predececor will break down or get stuck when going into tugh ground.
During the famous German spring offensive of 1918 the Mark 4 made the official first Tank on Tank kill when a Male Mark 4 was left behind by its Female Mark 4,s when a A7V pushed into no mans lands the Male Mark 4 scored 3 hits killing some off the A7V,s crew that later decided to bail. And the Male Mark 4 was able to cause terror to German soldier for the time being. However the Male Mark 4 was disabled by motar fire crew went back and forth trying to recover it until giving up. It was eventually destroyed by German sappers.
It is believed that after the war no Mark 4 tanks was sent to Russia to fight the communist revolutionaries. Unlike the Mark 5 where there are currently still suviving samples in museums and memorials.
A couple off Mark 4 tanks still suvives to this day. There is even one in running order at the Bovington tank museum!

Inside A British WW1 Tank - The Mark IV I THE GREAT WAR Special - YouTube

Tank overview and specification

The had a crew of 8 men, drivers, gunners, loaders and a comander.
The Engine was the British foster-daimler 6 cylinder in-line sleeve valve petrol engine which could deliver 105 hp at 1000 rpm.
The tanks top speed was 6 km/h.
The weight off the male variant was 28 tons.
The armor off the Mark 4 was 12 mm of armor plate.
The 2 main guns was the ordnance quick firing 6-pounder short cannon ( 57 mm ).

In War Thunder

In War Thunder the Male Mark 4 would need a overhaul of rank 1 in order to be fun to play ingame. so i have made a concept tree where it could sit in the game! :)



“Old Suggestion”
The legendary Male Mark 4 - Great Britain - War Thunder - Official Forum

maybe we Don’t need a Sperate mode but simple jut a ranking change as in the Moderns get moved high as to like a 13.0 and the WW1 tanks will take the place of the reserve tanks and possible 1.2 and this will work for planes as well.