The LeClerc's fuel tanks explode as if they were designed like an ammo carousel that sat right under the crew

I do not understand this design flaw and whether it is being modeled correctly in game.

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Prove it first and dont just state bullshit. Elabprate on it^

dont abuse the flag system

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its just like it would be the ammorack of a russian tank ;)

Issue persists despite major update denying France their top performing round or a tech tree IFV

There is no statistically justification for continuing these ahistorical nerfs against France

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Leclercs should not explode as if their fuel tanks were filled with nitro glycerin

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It wouldn’t upset me so much except its really the only way i die in the Leclerc.

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Interesting the Type 10 suffers from this as well they placed a large fuel tank right under the crew. a hit there and the whole tank explodes I assume it’s the same for the leclerc?

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To add, after looking at all top mbts in game only Type 10 and LeClerc have these huge fuel tanks right underneath the crew. both also explodes and kills the whole tank once hit most of the time…

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I think it might be the most consistent one shot in top tier. Which makes the already underperforming armor pointless.


Please replace the gasoline in the Leclercs with Diesel like every other modern MBT we stopped using gasoline in tanks because it explodes unlike Diesel


I finally realized why they’re coded to explode


If they were allowed to function like the Russian fuel tanks it would make the left hull absorb spall and penetrating shots giving the Leclerc legitimately functional armor.

Well done Gaijin, you’ve found a way to make sure the Leclerc is as horrible as possible.

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its also the main way i see type 10s die and to be fair you usually need to shoot at least 2 fuel tanks and Leclerc has 3 of them in a line they still shouldn’t explode but.

“powered by French VD V8X-1500 turbocharged diesel engine”

“The U.S. military uses diesel fuel in tanks and trucks because diesel fuel is less flammable and less explosive than other fuels.”


Russian tanks have wet stowage of their carousels obviously glances at completely dry carousel and hundreds of videos of T-series turret tosses while sweating in gaijin

Fuel is also obviously more likely to explode than fuel with explosives stored inside /s

Another death from the front left fuel tank which is filled with diesel exploding because it came in contact with a metal rod

Thank you Gaijin for making the Leclercs as poor as possible this is truly the experience I wanted for France