The Leclerc is in dire need of a buff

I’m yearning so much for any french addition or fix that even an engine sound rework is making me happy, At least it won’t sound like a Leopard now.


They are doing the same with Challenger 2’s hull. THEY ARE FINALLY WORKING ON OUR TANKS!


The new sound is absolutely lovely and accurate, I love it!


ARE WE BACK I THINK WE’RE BACK god i hope i wont just eat my words

Please don’t hype me that much I am gonna be so disappointed…

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I think this should be considered as of now


I was hoping for Leclerc XLR, are we at least getting FIXES and not BUFFING for the leclercs damn such as the reload or even a better firepower

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put at least the real leclerc mobility, it’s his main capability IRL compared to abrams/leo the difference should be significant

Bug report for the GALIX smoke grenades on the Strv 121 Christian II: Community Bug Reporting System

This issue effects the Leclercs and VBCIs. However, since it also effects Gaijin’s shiny new premium it will probably get fixed much sooner.



wait what about the ariete with its pasta can armour?

For anyone interested!


Don’t be overhyped, please. It might just be a bug. We’ll have to wait an see what happens on live.

Composite hull disappeared entirely during dev server of the previous update when AZUR was added. And hull armor wasn’t changed, so yeah, it has to be taken with a grain of salt

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bless you

99% it is a bug and nothing more. Getting hyped for france tt at this point is just being extremely naive… Its obvious gaijin couldnt care less about the state of french tt. They have been showing the same attitude for nearly 5 years now. smin saying they are talking about the most discussed topics, thats a hilarious joke in itself. If 2491 replies to a thread isnt enough what is?

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I agree that the Type 10 is essentially a straight upgrade over the Leclerc.

For the Type 90 however, it has a worse round, worse thermals for the gunner, no CITV and fixed zoom on the gunner sight.
Don´t get me wrong, the Type 90 is a great tank (that 4s reload is spicy AF), but the sights and thermals makes it a downgrade over the Leclerc IMO.


İts true that sights and thermals are downgrade but reload and mobility compansates it fairly well, Dm33 works amazing for some reason, spalling is much better then OFL F1 and since im aiming towards to same weakspots it doesnt bother me too much.

Plus 11.0MM sees downtiers reguarly which gives another bonus.

Ever since i got my Type-90’s i just stopped playing with Leclerc, i can only imagine how Type-10 will be.


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