The last PZ IV, with sloped armor (paper panzer)

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Hello everybody!
I know that many do not like to talk about tank projects that did not materialize.
But I personally find it very interesting what the development of the Pz IV could have become.

In December of 1942, Krupp was ordered to redesign future Ausf H model to have sloped front and side armor. The project was cancelled in February of 1943 due to increase in weight to 28tons that required additional modifications and instead Ausf H based on original hull was to be produced



At first the idea was to have 60mm armor on the hull and maintain the same turret.
But later it was studied replacing the tower with a stronger one.

Pz.Kpfw. IV Vereinfachter turm projekt W 1466

This project was never completed, but it plants, were found by the Allies after the war.
I think that would be a great addition to the 4.7~5.0

My best regards

PS: If anyone wants to use this information to make a suggestion, feel free.

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Why is this in the machine of war discussion and not vehicle suggestion?


Because I’m tired of spending hours editing a topic and that topic not being accepted by the moderators.
So I’m just going to put it here, so that if anyone is interested, they can use this to make a suggestion.


It’s a paper design of course they are not gonna approve it. That’s the thing they typically only approve designs that exist.

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I made several suggestions for tanks that were actually manufactured, but they still did not approve my suggestions.

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You made several posts that are not in the suggestion tab since they likely lack needed information.

Weight problems werent the only problem, but also the war situation. Losses needed to be replaced and they could choose. 1. Stop production, retool for the new designe or 2. Continue as is with 80mm hull to fill the gaps.
They choose the economical solution.

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