The L2A7V is too OP for the same vehicle as the RB, which is devastating for the future of gaming

The frontal weakness of l2a7v in the game is much smaller than that of other vehicles, plus his better maneuverability and the best armor-piercing bullet in the game are too op in 11.7. Warthunder is fun in experiencing vehicles from different countries rather than one in Germany, hoping to increase l2a7v’s RB or give DEBUFFS such as confiscating steel pins or weakening frontal protection (just like for j8f)

Its frontal weakpoints are bigger than of all Strv 122s & T-90Ms (bonus points: T-80BVM’s).

Leopard 2A7V is already “debuffed”, it’s lacking a good majority of its actual armour.

Then again, it took just a week of Germany being a “top dog” (with a nerfed vehicle, once again), for people to start crying.


P.S (Strv 122s are better and more oppressive).


Sweden is a better Germany at this point lol.


Ah yes because a leo with (slightly) better armor but only the damn L/44 is so overpowered

Slightly? The entire upper plate on the 2A7V is penetrable to anyone with more than ~550mm of penetration (while on 122s it’s an auto-shatter). It’s also faster in all regimes, and most importantly… THERE’S THREE OF THEM.

2A7Vs SC protection is also much lower (by 400mm on average) because it was nerfed outright… but hey “slightly”, it has far more armour holes, the neck is fully exposed yada yada yada.


It is only slight better because all the armor package does is make a very small portion of the UFP invulnerable to most APFSDS rounds, the rest of the tank at normal engagement distances can be penetrated from the front. Oh, and lets not forget that shooting below the breech still produces enough spalling to kill all the crew in the turret for a one-shot kill.

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I want the 2a7 to get its real armor, but just because sweden gets to have a sidegrade to the new top german MBT doesn’t mean that its “OP” or anything


You have an MBT with PSO’s level of armour, but at 62.9 tons so it’s also much faster, and with a properly performing armour…

2A7V’s only merits over the 122s are thermals & the round, but realistically both M322 and DM53 are identical for in-game purposes (aside from slightly enlargening some weakpoints on Russian MBTs), so it’s really just the thermals (because 2A7V is also slower).

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The l/55 is higher velocity, better thermals are a huge bonus, and the shell for the 2a7 has 80 something mm extra pen over slpprj M/95

Sweden has armor, germany has firepower

Yes, it has better performance on paper, but in practice those 80mm’s are irrelevant except for enlargening some weakpoints (like T-90M’s driver port for example). It’s not like I even said 122s are “OP”, i simply affirmed that they’re currently better.

Sweden has armor, germany has firepower

And Germany should’ve both… seeing as 2A7V is 20+ years newer, and 122s armour was created by Germany anyways.


If the 2a7+ gets its armor upgraded to a standard of equal to the 122B but still LESS than the B+ than it will be balanced

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2A7V is meant to be the pinnacle of armour for Leopard 2s. It’s meant to be the best of them all at this (from the frontal aspect).


the balance of u is that

All other players except German players can quit the game

Pffffff too OP now we’re talking the tanks that have strong UFP that any smart people learn not to shoot there and weak LFP where you suppose to shoot and that is unfinish tanks too there still lot of things still need to be fix you just aim for LFP like your STRV122 how hard it can be?


Yeah easy to say where some tanks weak points are just more then the lower front plate
Look at the artie against DM53and tell me thats fair

And how i supposed to do that Italy made sht tank at the first place? only way out of Italy is getting Leopard 2A7HU from Hungary because ariete armor are can not going anywhere

So you ignore balance and just insult Italy what is you problem

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Man, i play Italy before i knew how it is insult? it’s just a truth and what can i do about that? there any source use to buff their armor to be on par with 2A7? if there are i won’t stop them getting that if it for balance i wish gaijin give them 1500mm of pen APFSDS because yeah anyone can lol pen them so Ariete can lol pen anyone in return too and i won’t stop them having it if they have one

But why not lower the Br then instead having being the same as a Leopard